About ME- Lindsey Rae

I am in the last year of my MBA at Concordia University in rainy beautiful Portland, Oregon. Being required to journal my way through Strategic HR, I have ambitiously decided to try a blog to not only document this class but the final months of my MBA program as well.

A little bit about me… I work full-time as a program coordinator at a non-profit healthcare control network. I am ambitious to break into management and executive leadership, but yet have not found the opening I have been dreaming of. I am idealistic and a borderline perfectionist. Healthcare is moving quickly into a new era that nobody is quite prepared for. I should qualify my statement, by letting you know that I have worked in healthcare for over ten years and my undergrad is in healthcare administration. Right now in October of 2013 we are about to watch the whole healthcare delivery system morph into the unknown.

I am passionate that every human being deserves to be treated with compassion, and if there is medicine available and it is appropriate, well then they should have it. I don’t particularly feel compelled to pay for everyone’s healthcare bills, but if we find a way to ensure that we are all taken care of- then REALLY what is the harm? One thing I know is that there are only so many resources in this world, and we must understand that we all are responsible to use these resources sparingly and wisely.

Some may consider me a “millennial” (my former boss) and while it may seem to bite me a little, I will own it. I have worked since I was 14 years-old. I put my self through school and even served in the military. I am a single mom who by the consequence of my choices receives no child support and have accepted that I may never. All the wrongs and negatives in my life have blossomed into beautiful opportunities to grow and build thicker skin. I appreciate a flexible schedule and working from home on Fridays and if that makes me appear entitled, then well so be it.

I hope as I move to the end of my course work and finally receive the piece of paper that entitles me to add the MBA at the end of my name, that I am not debt ridden and exactly where I started. I am confident that I have already started to build a tool kit that allows me to breakdown information and thoroughly review all the pieces and ask the right questions before jumping to a conclusion.  I am ready and bursting at the seams to give it all I have.


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